All Safe IT Services 360 Degree Approach


ISMS Policy Formation and Implementation

The Policy will be designed according to the requirements of RBI Information Security Guideline and using ISO 27001 as base framework. It addresses all the elements of the information eco-system i.e. People, Process, Technology and Third Parties and is divided into two phases that is Design of the framework and Implementation. In this stage we will also help bank management to understand policy designed by our team with help of bank IT persons.


Network Assessment and Gap Analysis

Network Assessment is a test of the current information security posture of the organization. The test culminates with a presentation to the top management showing the current levels of risk across people, process and technology and highlights the expected loss because of the current state in monetary terms. This is followed with the implementation of the information security framework designed in first phase.


VAPT and Support Services

Proper assessment of the network security is important to defend and protect the data against known/unknown attacks. We use different approaches such as, black box, gray box or a combination of both approaches, according to the business requirement of the client. We use the technique of concept exploitation for testing the servers and generate assessment reports that focus on the vulnerabilities according to the severity rating, business impact rating and detailed recommendations.


Information Security Training

We know every organization is afraid of ransomware or other kind of attacks. We offer interactive training modules to help your employees understand security threats and implement best practices that reduce the risks to your organization. RBI want you to educate your management, employees and even your customer on cyber security.


Incidence Handling Support

We will design incidence handling documentation and reporting templates and process for banks. This will help bank to report incidence within time frame given by RBI i.e. 24 Hours. Also, we will help banks to identify root cause of attack and submit report to RBI.