Mobile Application Security


Smartphones and tablet are the latest in the mobile technologies. But they also create unique challenges within an enterprise. These challenges must be addressed in order to ensure that classified information that are accessed, stored, and/or transmitted by these devices is properly protected.

We at All Safe It Service perform the complete security assessment of mobile application that is associated with web services. Our extensive knowledge base coupled with technical and operational skills is what makes us stand apart from the rest. The security process starts with the testing and scrutinizing of the mobile applications for identifying the vulnerabilities that may put data at risk. We follow the security guidelines of OWASP strictly in order to identify potential coding security flaws in the application and provide code-level remedial recommendations to the development team. We also conduct a white box security assessment that consists of a combination of both automated source code scanning and manual source code review. These processes are necessary to analyze the security state of the mobile applications services.