IT Infrastructure Security

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IT Infrastructure Assessment basically analyzes current infrastructure of your IT ecosystem. It monitors the performance and provides you with a fully customized report that emphasizes on comparative costing and gives details about the various performance metrics.
All Safe Services examines the source code of the application to identify the various vulnerabilities associated with the application before it is deployed. Our consultants understand your business objectives, and design the application technologies accordingly. An application threat profile is created to identify critical code areas so as to concentrate on the specific focus points during the code analysis. Proper assessment of the network security is important to defend and protect the data against known/unknown attacks. All Safe Services consultants develop the best solutions and methodologies for ensuring the privacy, integrity and security of information and use a blend of automated tools and manual techniques to identify security issues in the following categories:
1. Authentication & Authorization
2. Intrusion Detection & Protection
3. Segregation of Duties
4. Granted Access
5. Removal of Access Rights
6. Process for periodic Review of Access
7. Incident Management
8. Change Management
9. MIS-Configurations
10. Availability