Introduction to Tenable.io vulnerability scanner


Hello guys let me tell you tenable.io is nothing but cloud based vulnerability scanner by tenable. Everyone who want to be hacker or security professional must have heard about nessus vulnerability scanner. Tenable parental company of nessus now introduced tenable.io which helps organizations in the process of vulnerability management. Now without taking your time let me show you how to configure tenable io with scanners.

To start using tenable.io you have to register account on http://www.tenable.com/products/tenable-io/vulnerability-management/evaluate

After completing registration you will get email link on your registered email id to set your password


After resetting password you will taken to dashboard of tenable.io which is similar to nessus vulnerability scanner.

web application.PNG

tenable dashboard.PNG

Now you can use scanner to scan any remote device with public ip or any web application hosted on internet.


but if you want to scan private assets then it will be critical using tenable.io so to this problem we have simple answer i.e nessus va scanner

so to scan private ips we have to install nessus in our private network using linking key of tenable io

To do so first we have to complete nessus installation part


after installation nessus will take you to https://localhost:8834/ web application as we know nessus is web based scanner.


After initializing application it will ask for registration key before tenable io we used to insert registration key received from tenable but now we will require linking key in case of tenable.io

To get linking key we have to click on agents in tenable.io dashboard menu

linking key.PNG

Now copy linking key and go to nessus scanner registration form. Select link to tenable.io from drop down list of registration page and paste linking key given by tenable.io


After linking scanner to tenable io you can see your scanner in linked scanner option in tenable.io now your local nessus is ready to scan your private ip

device connected.PNG

We can scan any devices, can check compliance but there is small issue in nessus scanner linked with tenable.io we can not see results in local system.


To check reports generated by nessus we have to export results from nessus scanner and import in tenable.io


To import and export nessus report we have to provide password while generating and exporting nessus db.


after successfully exporting result you will be able to see scan reports generated by nessus in tenable.io

This was a quick installation and configuration guide for nessus tenable.io .

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